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Topheman Bombs is a free HTML5 / Javascript game that takes advantage of the canvas element and the accelerometer (devicemotion/deviceorientation events) on your device.
It's using Ball.js, a game engine I made that handles physics interactions between balls as well as rendering.

You can play offline on your mobile (in the subway or whatever ...), or on your desktop browser via the accelerometer emulator !

  • Tilt your device to manage the blue dot
  • Tap the screen to drop bombs on the enemies (red dots)
  • Grab the green dots to get more bombs

Story of a new version ...

Topheman Bombs has been written in mid 2012. It ran only on Apple devices browsers and I made an Android app with phoneGap to fill the void of the Android browsers at the time.

Now that this gap is filled, I reviewed my code to make a full HTML5 app with these new features (more on the changelog) :

More Infos ...

Video demo ...